V-Shaped Tile Plow Reduces Soil Disturbance and Ruts

Tile drainage in North America has traditionally been installed with a single-leg plow that rips a vertical groove in the soil as it lays the pipe in the ground.

Depending on soil type and moisture conditions, the single-shank will disturb the soil and leave a rut or soft spot that can take years to settle.

A water management company based in southern Manitoba thinks it has found a tool that addresses these problems — a V-shaped tile plow.

In the video below, Chris Unrau of Precision Land Solutions explains how the V-plow concept has been used extensively in Holland and the U.K., but to a lesser extent in North America.

There are limitations to the diameter and depth of pipe that can be installed with the V-plow. Main lines at the end of a field still require the single-shank plow, he notes.

The number of tiled acres in Western Canada has grown rapidly in recent years, although Unrau says interest in tiling has been tempered by lower commodity prices.

*The above article was originally featured on Real Agriculture:

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A field we bought had great soil but we couldn’t get a good crop off of it.  We tiled it and did a bit of scraper work.  Yields went from 97 bushels in 2010 to 153 bushels in 2012.  That... Read more

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