Orchard Farms

I have a fair bit of ‘marginal land’ and found that the effort I was putting into the land was not producing the harvest I wanted.  Some of the land near ours had been tiled and their fields were extremely successful, so tiling became a solution for me.

I have nothing but praise for Chris Unrau and his team.  They were great to work with and are extremely knowledgeable; I would say they are a leader in this industry.  I would recommend both drain tiling and the team at PLS to everyone.

The land we decided to tile is full of ground springs and has typically only allowed us to harvest 1 out of 3  years on average.  Now, it is consistently my best producing field.

I would challenge all producers to have drainage tile installed; it will pay for itself!

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We saw immediate decline in salt levels in the 0-6” profile of the soil.

Jarrad Toews

Toews Farms – Winkler, MB

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