Bron 550 Tile Plow


Two plows for sale – hours range from 3400 to 4500.

  • 540 HP Cat C-15
  • 750 Double Link
  • 8” Power feeder
  • Ice picks
  • Tow cable
  • Auto Greaser
  • Funk Pump Drives
  • Dual Stick controls


Optional equipment includes:

  • Boots from 4”-15”
  • Trimble GPS
  • AGPS Pipe Pro
  • Support trailer with Boot rack
  • Breaker plates

Please inquire for price.





What our customers say

By tiling we reduced salt levels, the water table is lower and efficiency is increased.  We are reducing compaction and the disease pressure on fields that are susceptible to diseases caused  by excess moisture.

Jarrad Toews

Toews Farms – Winkler, MB

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