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Farmers Are Conservationists

We recently tile drained a field that has been under a strip-tillage regime for 7 years. The results? Trash helps keep wind erosion controlled, tile will help reduce water erosion.  

Manitoba Harvest 2019; One For The Record Books

As we transition out of Harvest 2019 in southern Manitoba, we can’t help but reflect on what was a historical few months of unordinary weather. The Precision Land Solutions team put together some year-over-year comparisons regarding the rainfall that we experienced here in Manitoba – the results are worth sharing. A few key highlights include: […]

Precision Land Solutions Welcomes Changes To Water Rights Act

A southern Manitoba water management company is applauding changes made to the province’s drainage regulations. The goal is to reduce unnecessary red tape and to streamline the approval process for lower-risk, lower impact drainage and water-retention works. Garnet Peters is the general manager of Precision Land Solutions (PLS). “They actually went online which we are very […]

Precision Land Solutions Welcomes Regulatory Review

A southern Manitoba water management company is glad to see the provincial government review its drainage regulations. The province has launched public consultations on a draft regulation that would streamline approvals for lower-risk, lower-impact drainage and water control projects. Chris Unrau is the president of Precision Land Solutions (PLS), which specializes in tile drainage. “I […]

Tile drainage not a ‘cookie cutter’ solution

Tile drainage is more affordable and more attractive than ever in Western Canada, but it is still a major investment with many implications that should be considered before calling for tenders. Precision Land Solutions (PLS) general manager Garnet Peters gives marching orders to four crews and more than 30 workers who install tile drainage across […]

How To Tile A Bin Yard For Drainage

Tiling a bin yard is not the same as adding drainage tiles to a field. Find out why.   When a Saskatchewan farmer turned to Twitter for advice on draining his bin yard, Grainews wanted to know what that would take. As I soon found out, it’s not as easy as it sounds, but the […]

Tiled vs None-Tiled Land

It’s been a soggy growing season in many areas of Manitoba, and the visual difference between tiled and non-tiled is quite noticeable. Chris Unrau of Precision Land Solutions talks more about this and why it might be the case. Credit: Manitoba Farm Journal

V-Shaped Tile Plow Reduces Soil Disturbance and Ruts

Tile drainage in North America has traditionally been installed with a single-leg plow that rips a vertical groove in the soil as it lays the pipe in the ground. Depending on soil type and moisture conditions, the single-shank will disturb the soil and leave a rut or soft spot that can take years to settle. A water management company […]