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Backed by over 17 years of experience, you can be confident in our professional services. Each project is unique but we have found success using the following approach.


We will visit your field and together look closely at what production problems you are experiencing. With our vast knowledge of water management techniques and our experience in a multitude of situations, we can make recommendations that meet your goals and manage water within your budget.


Our expertise gives us tremendous knowledge of the legal framework surrounding water management techniques. Whether it is working with government regulators, utilities, municipalities, or even neighbours, we can navigate the complicated network of legal permissions and permits that are needed to get a project off the ground.


Every project starts with an accurate and thorough survey. Not all surveys are made equal; it takes more than just surveying software to do a survey right. Our experience allows us to target specific areas to survey so that we can see all of the options available for the project, as well as being able to avoid the pitfalls and surprises that could come up during construction.

Drainage System Design

Drainage system design is a highly specialized, highly technical service unique to Precision Land Solutions. Our agronomist, with years of dedicated experience, ensures that costly mistakes are avoided in design. In addition to single projects, we can create multi-year phases so you can plan for the future.

Economic Modelling and Return on Investment Analysis

We’ve partnered with industry-leading experts in investment analysis and ROI calculations and have developed tools to provide you with financial data you need to help make decisions and discover the opportunities on your farm.

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A field we bought had great soil but we couldn’t get a good crop off of it.  We tiled it and did a bit of scraper work.  Yields went from 97 bushels in 2010 to 153 bushels in 2012.  That... Read more

Jarrad Toews

Toews Farms – Winkler, MB

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