Surface Drainage / Precision Earthmoving

Complete water management starts with proper surface drainage.

Surface drainage can be complicated and costly. That’s why at Precision Land Solutions, we use high-tech equipment and our expertise to design and build a cost-effective system that produces the results you need.

Every need is different, but we typically start by gathering topographical data and processing that into a surface map to show us what the field elevations look like. From there, we can analyze the information to produce a plan that will not only work, but require the least amount of dirt to be moved. We all know topsoil is precious, so we take extra care to ensure this valuable resource is treated with care.

Complete water management starts with proper surface drainage. Timely removal of excess water is critical for almost every crop we grow. We can help you with any phase of your surface drainage program, including:

  • Licensing
  • Topographical surveying and mapping
  • Drainage planning and analysis
  • Drain construction using our precision earthmoving

What our customers say

In 2011 our fields were very wet and a number of farmers experienced substantial crop loss.  We found that external drainage was not the solution we were ultimately looking for, and so we looked into drainage tile. Chris and the team... Read more

Glen Fehr

Border Farms – Rosetown, MB

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