Benefits of Tile Drainage

Better Yields

Tile drainage has been proven over and over again to significantly increase crop yields. By enabling the plant root to access sufficient oxygen, roots thrive instead of becoming stunted. The lowered water table created by tile drainage causes root systems to seek deeper moisture and creates air and water channels. This results in better root growth and soil penetration that allows plants to extract more nutrients for longer. Roots then have the chance to grow deep and strong to obtain valuable nutrients before late-summer climate stress. The result is a stronger, healthier plant, capable of higher yields and better quality.

Edible Beans – 1411 lbs/acre (2009) to 2080 lbs/acre (2011)

This comparison indicates a change from 1411 lbs/acre (2009) to 2080 lbs/acre (2011) after tiling.

After Tile
After Tile
Before Tile
Before Tile

Corn – 97 bu/acre (2010) to 153 bu/acre (2012)

This comparison indicates a change from 97 bu/acre (2010) to 153 bu/acre (2012) after tiling.

After Tile
After Tile
Before Tile
Before Tile

Minimized Risk

Tile drainage produces not only an increase in yield, but a reliable and consistent increase. Studies have shown that un-drained soil saw a 46% fluctuation in yield in comparison with tiled soil that only varied by 18%. Consistent yield allows for dependable cash flow. Tile drainage also provides the ability to reduce the severity of flood & drought events. In flood years, the improved capacity of soil to retain water and minimizes crop stress in flood years while the improved soil structure also allows plant roots to penetrate deeper to reach a depleted water table in drought years.

More Efficient Use of Nitrogen

Tile drainage creates dry soil that is optimal for nitrogen utilization. Because nitrogen is one of the most expensive inputs, reduced loss allows you to save money and produce better crops. Tile drainage can also reduce denitrification that occurs in water logged soils by keeping the water table low.

More Timely Field Operations

A tiled field will dry sooner and allow you to get back in to perform your important work earlier. The accelerated drying and warmer soil created by tile drainage allows for earlier spring planting, directly impacting yield by giving plans the maximum opportunity to thrive. Tiled land allows farmers to be in the fields for more days and for longer during the day during the crop season and harvest, helping to spread out your workload and use your equipment more efficiently.

Salinity Control

Also commonly referred to as “alkali”, salinity spots are a symptom of poor internal drainage. Over time, tile drainage can completely cure these spots by lowering the water table and stopping the capillary action which brings water to the soil surface.

Better Soil Health

Long overlooked, soil biology has a significant impact on crop growth and long-term productivity. Tiled land allows field drainage that promotes soil health through soil granulation and root interaction with water and air. The resultant porous soil retains necessary water for optimal growing. More oxygen in the soil increases microbial activity which is vital for plant growth and help make nitrogen and sulfur more accessible.

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