Installing drain tile on your farm will bring numerous benefits.

Better Yields

Tile drainage has been proven over and over again to increase crop yields significantly. By enabling the plant root to access sufficient oxygen, roots thrive instead of becoming stunted. The result is a stronger, healthier plant, capable of higher yields and better quality.


In most years, tile drainage will help you get on the field sooner. Not only will this have a direct impact on yield, it helps spread out your workload to use your equipment more efficiently.

Less Risk

Probably one of the key benefits of tile drainage is reducing your risk of a complete crop loss in the event of excess moisture. In some cases, tile drainage has paid for itself in as little as one crop because of this.

More Efficient Use of Nitrogen

When soils become waterlogged, nitrogen begins to denitrify. Tile drainage will reduce or eliminate this problem by keeping the water table from rising into areas of high N concentration.

More Timely Field Operations

A tiled field will dry off sooner and allow you to get back in to perform your important work earlier. Get in to spray fungicide sooner, cultivate quicker, or bring in the crop without dropping out of sight.

Salinity Control

Also commonly referred to as “alkali”, these spots are a symptom of poor internal drainage. Over time tile drainage can completely cure these spots and prevent future problems.

Better Soil Health

More oxygen in the soil increases microbial activity. Long overlooked, soil biology has a significant impact on crop growth and long-term productivity.

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Feel confident trusting the professional team at Precision Land Solutions to manage the water on your farm.  As the most experienced, and only full-service water management company in Manitoba, supporting the fast-paced demands of your farming operation.

Founded in 2006, and with over 50 years of combined experience and thousands of acres improved in the  Canadian prairies.  We bring an understanding and passion recognizing the importance of Canadian agriculture to every farm.

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  • Complete management of all regulatory and permitting requirements
  • Multiple plows and earthmoving units, in-house design, on staff agronomists for a more timely and effective install.
  • COR certified and ISNetworld compliant

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With all the pipelines and gas lines going through fields it is definitely nice having PLS do all the permitting for us. It takes a load off our backs that we don't have to do the paperwork ourselves.

Matthew Visser

Norbest Farms – Fort Saskatchewan, AB

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